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Immortality Reborn| Setting a new standard for private server emulation.

Recent News:

Server Rates

Posted by Sero on 6/17/15.

Server rates have been adjusted to reflect a more balanced, fair and enjoyable playing experience.
To reward players for sticking with us for six years, 50 vote points have been added to every account that has voted in the past.

Happy Anniversary!

Posted by Sero on 6/10/15.

June marks six years since the beginning of the Immortality project! We will be doing events, giveaways, and tournaments throughout the week and this weekend.
Congratulations to Duckland and Star for their promotions to Senior Gamemaster.
The server is growing! We are continuing to break our top online record each week. Remember that you get two free Immortality Coins for each person you recruit.

Server Updates

Posted by Sero on 6/5/15.

A free, geared level 80 is still available to new players. For more info please make a ticket in-game with the word Promo in it.
Voting counts for double points through June 7th. Don't forget to vote!
Donation panel has been expanded to allow level 251 items. Additionally [Token of Tier 10], [Token of Tier 9] and [Token of Tier 8] have been added.
Drakhen the Arbitrator has respawned and is awaiting the first team to take him down since his update. Custom gear tokens will be awarded to the team to down him.

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Immortality: A 10x High-rate server with strong Blizzlike qualities. Challenging and competitive PvP and the most complete, accurately-scripted PvE content of any private server. 24/7 GM support, balanced pvp, and incredible content.

10x kill and quest XP
5x gold
5x Honor

10x drop rate
Arena flushes every 3.5 days
Fully Scripted - ICC, Ruby Sanctum, and more.

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