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Immortality Reborn| Setting a new standard for private server emulation.

Recent News:

Promotions - Check out those doubles!
Posted by Sero on 2/21/15.

We're just a day away from the relaunch of the best private server ever! And to celebrate, we're giving some awesome bonuses to all players, new and old!

To help all players get a bit of a boost, we will be doubling the following:

Rates - Experience, gold and honor rates have been doubled.
Vote Points - All vote item prices have been cut in half, so your vote points count for double.
Donation Coins - Donating will reward you with double the normal amount of coins.
Promo Characters - New Promo characters will receive twice the normal amount of starting gold to help with buying new spells.
Auction House - We have doubled the amount of items in the auction house to approximately 5,000. Costs for items are within normal market prices to ensure both buyers and sellers can still enjoy use of the auction house.

These changes will stay in effect through March 1, 2015. At that point everything will go back to their normal rates. To maximize your rewards, make sure to spend vote points BEFORE the doubling ends, to take advantage of half price vote items.

We hope to see you guys Sunday night at the launch!

Server Details Announced!
Posted by Sero on 2/21/15.

Let me be the first to welcome you all back to Immortality Reborn! Our team of developers has been hard at work for the past month preparing the best private server in existence for relaunch.

Many of you have asked about your old characters. So we are proud to announce that all Immortality Reborn characters are safe, and that your old Immortality Reborn accounts are active and available for login the instant the server opens! Simply log in with your normal username and password, and all of your characters, levels, items, guilds, and everything else will be exactly how you left it.

Once you get ingame you may notice a few old names that haven't been around WOI for years. Abub, or original developer and C++ expert, has returned and will be working on our new website design. Brucey, who was our primary developer for Immortality Reborn, has returned as well. Other names you may remember are Dracconus and Krunkskunk, who will be returning to work on website and server security, and Hellfrost who will be working as a database developer. Two WOI/Immortality Reborn players, Andor and Stormy, have joined as new developers as well, filling out our seven-person developer team.

We hope to see you guys Sunday night at the launch!

Back by Popular Demand
Posted by Sero on 2/21/15.

The best in private server emulation has returned! From its humble beginnings in 2009 to the scripting perfection of today, World of Immortality's perfection and attention to detail are unmatched. The first server to script Halls of Reflection and Trial of the Crusader, the only server to create phased guild housing, and the server known for releasing 3.1.3 three hours after it was released on retail, World of Immortality was synonymous with excellence.

Now, World of Immortality is reborn! With the most advanced team of developers and over twenty combined years of WoW development experience, we have revived one of the most popular private servers of the decade. With 24/7 GM support, 99.9% uptime, and server rates that are just fast enough without going over the top, you'll never want to log off. So come experience perfection--experience Immortality Reborn.

Immortality Reborn will be opening on Sunday night, at 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Our staff members will be online and ready to assist you with anything you may need.

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Immortality: A 20x High-rate server with strong Blizzlike qualities. Challenging and competitive PvP and the most complete, accurately-scripted PvE content of any private server. 24/7 GM support, balanced pvp, and incredible content.

20x kill and quest XP
5x gold
5x Honor

10x drop rate
Arena flushes every 3.5 days
Fully Scripted - ICC, Ruby Sanctum, and more.

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